Dahu – Deep In The Woods – [Steyoyoke]


Artists: Dahu
Title: Deep In The Woods
Label: Steyoyoke
Cat.: SYYK002

Physical: Mar 27th, 2012
Digital: Apr 13th, 2012

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Dj Feedback

Ben Westbeech (Strictly Rhythm)
Into the deep in the woods track,
Nice vibes..

Luciano (Cadenza)
Thanks a lot! L

Davide Squillace (Viva Music, Desolat)
Nice Tripping ..

Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music)
nice release, like the ride action in deep in the

Mosca (Numbers / Fat City)
Crazy breakdown on

Claude VonStroke (Dirtybird)
DL For VonStroke

Viadriana (Pets Recordings / Klasse Recordings)
That’s a nice EP, like the grooves here.

Hot Since 82 (Noir Music)
Both tracks are dope.. love
it melodic tones with bassssss.. sick

Brothers’ Vibe (Mixx Records)
Falun is fav – cool keys…sexy!

AFFKT (Sincopat / Suara)
What an amazing music is releasing Steyoyoke, with this second
release I am already a fan…thanks for the great music.

Aki Bergen (Neurotraxx)
Loving both tracks, great release!

Jori Hulkkonnen (Turbo Recordings / My Favorite Robot)
Lovely deepness. will play

Alex James (Composite Records)

Really interesting package- cool vibes on both cuts, will try them out. Thanks for sending

Marc Poppcke (Crossfrontier Audio)
Niceee, Support!

Matt Star (Kling Klong)
Nice Release – deep in the woods is the one for me…

Material Label (Material)
Deep trip i dig it

Turmspringer (Tonkind / Klasse Recordings)
Very nice release!

David Dorad (URSL)
Very Nice EP!!! Good Work.

Al Bradley (3am Recordings)
Really strong grooves here from Dahu on both cuts; each has a wealth of atmosphere & also enough punch for the dancefloor. I think “Falun” just shades it for me, but both tracks are wicked.

Andrew Grant (DC10)
Thanks soo much for this…. 10/10

Shir Khan (Exploited)
Falun is really beautiful.

Belfie (OFF Recordings / Robsoul)
Full support for Steyoyoke’s
second release…deep in the woods for me!

London FM (Mussen)
our loves this sound!!! Support and play it!!!

Dave Nash (Bla Bla Records/ Ready Mix Records)
“Falun” is dope!! great
track. thanks for sharing.

Marc Faenger (Sonido)
“Falun” is very nice, like the pitchbend-action on the
chords! cool track.

Mulder (Bla Bla Records)
Quality tunes!! Thanks!

Luca Doobie (Spades, OFF Recordings)
Very niiice.

Patrick Di Stefano (Spades, OFF Recordings)
Good atmosphere

Darren Gregory (Retorica Recordings / PR Underground)
Really solid e.p, can’t wait to hear more
from Steyoyoke this will become one of my go to labels for sure. Will defo be playing Deep in the woods 🙂

Werner Niedermeier (OFF Recordings / Soulman Music)
Nice solid deep house grooves here. Both tracks got something to it. Will support!

Nino Santos (Tapas Recordings)
Nice release !! Will try both tracks !!

Jesus Pablo (Cromati Records, 3am Recordings)
loving this EP…deep / quality / house music…support…:)

Marvin Zeyss (Toolroom Records)
Deep In the Woods could be cool, gonna test it!

Jorge Takei (Kolorit Records)
weird and hot stuff – will support!

Nils Weimann (Sonido)
Thx 4 Promo great Sounds

Ille Bitch (Studio 80)
Nice and Deep.

Soul Button (Steyoyoke)
Both tracks are great!!! Deep in the woods my fav. Falun is sexy

Mat.Joe (Semester Musik)
What a journey! Thanks a lot, full support for Dahu.

Kid Culture (Remote Area / Gruuv)
Great vibes from both trax. Will support this for sure!! Thnx
for the music.

The Stereo Youth (Globelle)
Really like “Falun”! A good mix of spheric synths to souly feelings! Big up!

Lars Moston (Top Billin / No Brainer Records)
Very nice!

Frank Naht (Blackrose Records)
Deep in the Woods! thanks for promo!

Olivier Weiter (Klopfgeist)
Very nice atmosphere! Lovely deepness!

Sebo (Bachstelzen)
Deep In The Woods for me !!! thx

Flokati (Flauschig Records)
Very deep stuff in here

Matteo Floris (3am Recordings)
Nice tunes, falun for me..thanks

Sticky Stockholm (12-3 Recordings / Be Bonkerz)
Great music! Deep In The Woods is mesmerizing, and Falun is truly surprising. I’ll try out both tracks in my deeper sets!

Dj DA (Keep On)
I like the release! wicked!

KERK! (The Fresh Kids)
Nice afterhour vibe. Lovin’ the bass from Deep In The Woods! Thanks.

Look Like
Falun is my favorite i like the vibes. thx

Josh Butler (iDiOSYNC MUSIC)
Quality Deep House. I adore both tracks. 100% Support!

A.N.I.C.E. (Casuel Lab)
Deep In The Woods – peferct sound for the rising sun

Johan Dresser (Funny Music Records)
Great pack, thanks

Chris Luzz (Save Room Records)
Love the spacey vibes of deep in the woods!


Deep In The Woods:

QuenumResident Advisor
Werner NiedermeierResident Advisor
Marco und der GeigenmannResident Advisor
7 other artists charted – Resident Advisor


VaroslavResident Advisor
Johanna KnutssonResident Advisor
Soul ButtonResident Advisor
I’m FineResident Advisor
3 other artists charted – Resident Advisor

Club Feedback

Goa Club (Spain)
Deeeeeep stuff.

Press & Blog

De:Bug (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback + Support
Review will Follow

Dj Mag (Italy)
Coverage: Feedback + Support
Some really nice deep vibes here, support!

Tsugi Magazine (France)
Coverage: Feedback + Support
Pretty Cool Ep

Freshguide (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback + Support – Coverage
Deep stuff here. great! will support 🙂

Fuzz Magazine (Belgium)
Coverage: Feedback
Nice promenade trough the woods!

Electrocorp (France)
Coverage: Feedback + Review – Coverage
“After a first surprising and successful release by I’m Fine & Antonio Olivieri, the young berliner label that is Steyoyoke is now back with another EP from a newcomer who goes under the mysterious name of Dahu.
« Deep In The Woods » is the perfect introduction to Dahu’s enigmatic world. The song is dark, cold, and perfectly balanced and mastered from A to Z. We love the delightful, Lynchesque bells’ sounds reverbing in the forest, the falling Hi-Hats effects immersing you into your best nightmares
 and that strong, thick and flat bassline vibrating across the floor.”

This Is Why We Dance (UK)
Coverage: Feedback: Proper deepness! Will support
Coverage: Review: – Coverage
“Sticking with the very deep vibes, here’s the second offering from new Berlin-based label Steyoyoke.
It’s a simple two-track affair. Deep In The Woods itself is a melodic, melancholic and at times slightly menacing meander through those murky shadowlands where deep house and deep techno collide and fuse into interesting new shapes. On the B, those deep and dubby techno influences come a little more to the fore on Falun, with some tripped-out sax insertions in there as well, making this an EP that’s “4 da headz” for sure. But then that’s you, is it not? If so, you should love this!”

Dancefloor Mayhem (Portland, USA)
Coverage: Feedback + Support – Coverage
Great deep house tracks! Really like both.
Coverage: Review:
“I was really happy with this mix. This is for the groovers. This is for the old school house heads that still like to get down on the dancefloor. It is a modern sound of House with elements of house music past, present and future. This will make your booty shake.”

Dance til you’r Dead (Austin, Texas USA)
Coverage: Feedback
In Steyoyoke we trust!
Coverage: Review: – Coverage
“Steyoyoke has let little time pass since releasing their debut Ep If I Were Music; the Berlin label, now gearing up for their second release has sent over a promotional copy of the forthcoming release (with Dahu) called Deep in the Woods. Atmospheric in nature with a heavily bass-driven sound, the title production is an eerie, deep house track with a markedly subtle drop reminiscent, as the title suggests, of walking through the dark woods at night.
Falun, the B-side track emerges readily from the dark, drooling woods, lead by the occasional horn stab and gentle piano accompaniment in a warm summery manner.”

Stylistberlin (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback + Review – Coverage
“Deep In the Woods’ is a haunting trail of eerie synth pads and echoing hi-hats culminating subtly into a drop that combines a drooling bass line with infrequent vocal snippets. Craftily blending a shuffling percussion with a resonating lead, Dahu creates a hypnotic journey reminiscent of rustling leaves and a walk through a dark wood at night.
The B-side ‘Falun’ is more upbeat in nature and takes the atmosphere in a new exciting direction but still retains a smokey feel throughout. Introduced with intangible vocal loops and the occasional horn stab, the song sets the mood for a more summery endeavour. In the breakdown a lazy piano arrangement provides the lethargic atmosphere where an echoey horn emerges from beneath.”

Yes Promote (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback: Nice, this ep hits you with the first track!  thanks will play and preview
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Wir hatten bereits ĂŒber das erste Release des Labels Steyoyoke berichtet, auch die Nummer 002 Dahu – Deep In The Woods versetzt uns in Ă€hnliche Begeisterung.‹Deepe Sounds eingehĂŒllt in House, absolut geeignet fĂŒr die TanzflĂ€che aber auch genauso gut fĂŒr den MP3-Player Einsatz unterwegs. Es macht Spaß wie liebevoll hier arrangiert wurde und die ganze AtmosphĂ€re stimmt.‹Liebling ist Deep In The Woods, weil dieser keine Kompromisse eingeht, den Hörer sofort mit seinem Subbass, Kicks und den Snares voran treibt, wĂ€hrend man in eine AtmosphĂ€re aus warmen Tönen gezogen wird.‹Wer es etwas weicher mag wird an Falun seine Freude haben, vergleichbar mit einem Sonnenuntergang im Hochsommer zaubert er ein LĂ€cheln ins Gesicht.”

Unofficial Bootleg (Germany)
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Marco from German label Steyoyoke sent along their upcoming second release from Dahu. Out April 13th, coincidentally the same date as our next Unofficial (Friday.) event at Annexe. The title track off the EP features an incredibly deep bass line, something we absolutely die for, and the second track Falun is a lighter more upbeat track that still maintains the overall 4am sounding vibe we so love at
He also sent along a free download of the latest mix released through the label, in support of their debut release, If I Were Music EP by I’m Fine & Antonio Olivieri. It’s just over an hour of wonderful deep house vibes and features the track Your Ghost of their premiere release.”

Top House Music Blog (UK)
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Steyoyoke’s second release truly shows the label’s love for eloquent and surprising house music. The label’s second release by their own Dahu comes in strong with an atmospheric EP called ‘Deep in the Woods’; two crisply produced tracks likely to arouse the senses.
Berlin-based Dahu describes his music as ‘atmospheric house with delicate melodies and bass-driven sound,’ and with this, his first release on Steyoyoke, he certainly stays true to his word. Check it!”

Buzzin Electronic Music (UK)
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Steyoyoke’s second release ‘Deep In The Woods’ by Dahu, is a perfect display of the labels love for eloquent and spontaneous House Music. Their music has a definite class that deserves its own coat of arms. The art work is always fascinating, bold and unique with its signature splash of ocean blue to ensure your senses are consistently pampered!
‘Deep In the Woods‘ is a haunting trail of eerie synth pads and echoing hi-hats culminating subtly into a drop that combines a drooling bass line with infrequent vocal snippets.  Craftily blending a shuffling percussion with a resonating lead, Dahu creates a hypnotic journey reminiscent of rustling leaves and a walk through a dark wood at night.
‘Falun‘ is more upbeat in nature and takes the atmosphere in a new exciting direction but still retains a smokey feel throughout. Introduced with intangible vocal loops and the occasional horn stab, the song sets the mood for a more summery endeavour.  In the breakdown a lazy piano arrangement provides the lethargic atmosphere where an echoey horn emerges from beneath.”

Crazywire (Duesseldorf, Germany)
Coverage: Feedback
I will liste to the release and hope that we will write a review of it. all the best, Michael

Deep South Audio (New Zeland)
Coverage: Feedback
Nice beats thanks

Veo Sonica (South America)
Coverage: Feedback
Nice! Thanks for the music. We’ll do a review on our website. Keep up working good.

WATM Magazine (France)
Coverage: Feedback
Great release I love Deep in the woods!

Room84 (Switzerland)
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Das in Berlin beheimatete Label Steyoyoke prĂ€sentiert ihr zweites eigenes Release. Nach dem Erfolg des ersten Release’s von I’m Fine & Antonio Olivieri “IF I WERE MUSIC” das ĂŒber das Label veröffentlicht wurde, erscheint nun knapp zwei Monate spĂ€ter das nĂ€chste. In der neusten Platte “Dahu – Deep in the Woods” spiegelt sich, wie im Label selbst, eine Liebe fĂŒr Eloquenz und ĂŒberraschende House-Musik-Elemente, die atmosphĂ€rische EP erscheint mit zwei knusprig, detailverliebten und schön produzierten Tracks.”

Dumb Bass Blog (Halifax/Leeds, UK)
Coverage: Feedback: “Nice!!”
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“The second release on Steyoyoke, Dahu’s ‘Deep in the Woods’ EP is two crisp and subtely produced deep house/tech inspired tracks that will no doubt sit comfortably in any set of a more descerning dancefloor.
Impressive and solid, the EP is a worthy purchase and Steyoyoke will definitely be a label to watch. If they continue on this curve they will have a mighty back catalogue.”

12-3 Sounds (Sweden)
Coverage: Review – Coverage
“Deep, surprising and very, very good – Steyoyoke keeps impressing me, there second release is a magic one – Dahu provides a two track ep you need to check out!
Let the music do the talking!”

Input Selector (France)
Coverage: Feedback
So deep!

Medellinstyle (South America)
Coverage: Feedback
Beautiful tracks!!

Different Grooves (Italy)
Coverage: Feedback + Review – Coverage
Nice deep sexy tunes, supported & noticed by

Chrome Kids (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback
lovely warmth to these tracks, feeling them both.  plus cover art is fantastic.

MK Zwo (Berlin, Germany)
Coverage: Feedback
Nice Music! I play the music in the club. Even in a bar would be well used. Is it on vinyl?

Keepreal (Switzerland)
Coverage: Feedback

Hat&Hoodie (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback
Beautiful release, love it. Deep in the Woods is pure magic, so smooth and mesmerizing!

The Underground
Coverage: Feedback
Great release, chilled vibes

Radio Airplay

Ibiza Global Radio – (Spain)
Coverage: Support: Yes “Will try, thanks”

Fritz Radio – Nightflight (Berlin – Germany)
Coverage: Feedback + Support: Yes “Cool tunes! airplay in my Nightflight radio show on Fritz Radio to follow!” – Coverage

Canarias Radio Techno (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
Coverage: Feedback+Support: “Fantastic Falun for me, Thanks!”

BLN.FM – Dangerous Drums (Berlin – Germany)
Coverage: Support: Yes “Very cool, will def. Support”

BLN.FM – Fidelity Kastrow (Berlin – Germany)
Feedback: Support: Yes “‘Deep In The Woods’ pour moi…! Lovely techy groove w/ a melodic twist & a dash of melancholy…wheee”

Party Groove (Italy)
Coverage: Support: Yes “Falun have a feeling from ‘short dick man! (bass line) Thanks”

Bassoradio – 102.80 FM (Helsinki – Finland)
Coverage: Support: Yes – Coverage

London FM – (UK)
Coverage: Support: Yes “we love this sound”

Polskie Radio – (Poland)
Coverage: Support: Yes “Best Mix, Deep in the woods”

Antena3 – Global Communication – (Portugal)
Coverage: Support: Yes “Like both, especially Falun.Thanks:)

Laurent N. – Various Radio Shows (France)
Coverage: Feedback+Support: Yes “2 nice tracks !!! I love them & I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!” – Coverage

Westradio (Greece)
Feedback: “Great tracks both!full support! Thanks” – Coverage

DIVERSIONS Radio on CHRY 105.5FM – (Toronto – Canada)
Coverage: Support: Yes

Sceen FM – (Germany)
Coverage: Support: Yes “both tracks are very cool” – Coverage

AMDJS Radio Show – (Russia)
Coverage: Support: Yes “You have your own recognizable sound, your own style. That’s great! Regarding this very EP: both tracks are nice and playable. Thank you!”

Diverse Radio – (France)
Coverage: Support Yes “Nice tracks. Falun is the first for me. I ll play it.”

Tunnel FM – (Sweden)
Coverage: Support Yes “Falun is my pick here, well done guys. Both tracks are cool, will check out for Tunnel FM! Thanks”

Various Radio Shows – (France)
Coverage: Support Yes “2 nice tracks !!! I love them & I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!

Bubbles on the Air – (Argentina)
Coverage: Support Yes “zuper deep moves!!! really musical like it!”

Sceen FM – (Germany)
Coverage: Feedback “Thanks! Deep in the woods is nice”

SKGlobe – (Greece)
Coverage: Support Yes “Nice dreamy music track. Keep up this way, you will get our full support in both tracks, specially on Falun.”

Deep Groove Radio – (Germany)
Coverage: Support: Yes Feedback: Falun is favorite – Coverage

East Village Radio (USA)

My House Your House – Greg Watton (World)
Falun is a solid track, but hands down Deep In The Woods is one of the more interesting tracks I have heard in awhile.

My House Your House – Simon Optik (World)
Deep & atmospheric with Falun being the one for me. Great job guys, will be aired on the show for sure – Peace

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