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V.A. – Back To Black, Vol.01 [STEYOYOKE BLACK]


Here is the first in an incredible series of dark and wonderful techno tracks: Back To Black Vol. 01, out on Steyoyoke Black is a group effort compilation from five rad artists. Binaryh, Never Lost, Nick Devon, Mallone, and Clawz SG have combined their talents to create a stellar four-track mix of ethereal yet driving techno songs. Stay tuned for more releases from this ongoing project, Back To Black, which will continue to turn out even more poignant techno vibes.

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Talking Machines – Octarine [INNER SYMPHONY]


Inner Symphony is back with a new EP from Brazilian artist, Talking Machines. Both tracks takes the listener on an emotional journey through different settings with the help of various sound tools. Talking Machines’ EP is a truly indulging example of complex harmony, emotions and certainly body moving rhythm.

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Simon Sizer – Rebirth [STEYOYOKE]


Simon Sizer is back again with his sultry sophomore EP released via Steyoyoke titled Rebirth. Yet another intriguing three-piece collection emerges from this up-and-coming Moroccan producer who plays effortlessly with tone and texture.

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