Archive | October, 2016

Alex Justino – Antilophia EP [STEYOYOKE BLACK]

A smashing welcome to Alex Justino on Steyoyoke Black; a man who doesn’t mess around, Alex Justino’s EP ‘Antilophia’ makes a massive statement on first listen.

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Rauschhaus – Escape Game EP [STEYOYOKE]

Rauschhaus marks his spot on Steyoyoke with a prodigious mind-penetrating trio of tracks, treating ethereal ears to an array of aural pleasures.

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Mallone – Beobachter EP [STEYOYOKE BLACK]

Mallone is back on Steyoyoke Black, coming forth from his studio-shell with a slow, climatic, dramatic EP with two originals. Mallone’s ‘Beobachter’ EP is a trippy, borderline psychadelic techno EP featuring the title track, and a second original, ‘Krähenlied’

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