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Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed by Altego & aacht [STEYOYOKE BLACK]


Steyoyoke Black’s Reconstructed Series returns with a compelling two track EP featuring two remixes of Nick Devon’s ‘Venus Landing’ as well as Binaryh’s ‘Algorithm’. Minimalism is the name of the game for recent additions on remix duty Altego and aacht.

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V.A. – Family Affair Vol. 6 (Part2) [STEYOYOKE]


Steyoyoke’s Family Affair series returns to mark its 6th release to date. The second half of this double release features remixes by Steyoyoke core producers Soul Button, Dahu and Nick Devon.

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V.A. – Family Affair Vol. 6 (Part1) [STEYOYOKE]


Steyoyoke’s Family Affair series returns to mark its 6th release to date. In the first half of this double release, Steyoyoke mainstays Soul Button, Rauschhaus, Clawz SG and MPathy offer up a compelling package of remixes.

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Anders. – Je Suis [INNER SYMPHONY]


Inner Symphony is proud to present the first original EP on the label with ‘Je Suis’. Debut producer Anders. offers up 2 soulful originals drenched in moody warmth.

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Arude – Existentia [STEYOYOKE BLACK]


Steyoyoke Black is pleased to welcome Arude with a stunning debut performance in ‘Existentia’. The EP features two energetically charged tracks with an underlying sense of longing.

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Soul Button – Master Of My Fate [STEYOYOKE]


Soul Button takes the helm once again with ‘Master of my Fate’. Featuring 4 tracks, his latest coup is an exercise in the beauty of dissonance. 

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V.A. – Quintessence [INNER SYMPHONY]


After 3 years of producing an exquisite series of podcasts, Inner Symphony, becomes a label. Similar to how Steyoyoke began, Soul Button is building a new roster of artists who will become the core of this much anticipated label.

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Dahu – Hesia [STEYOYOKE]


This month marks the return of Steyoyoke veteran Dahu to the label; ever-evolving, subby and percussive, Dahu’s 5th EP ‘Hesia’ sees him pulling out all his signature stops, from ultra low frequency kicks to melancholic synths drenched in warmth. The EP features two original tracks, ‘Hesia’ and ‘From Whence We Came’.

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Altego – Thousand Words [STEYOYOKE BLACK]


Altego marks his spot on Steyoyoke Black with ‘Thousand Words’, an EP of unsettling beauty. Featuring two originals, Altego delivers infectious and eerie soundscapes, reflecting perfectly the sinister and ethereal sounds bound to Steyoyoke Black.

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Binaryh – Boolean Logic EP [STEYOYOKE BLACK]


Binaryh bounces back to Steyoyoke Black with two original productions under the ‘Boolean Logic’. This EP is a mirror image of the necessity to find right and wrong without considering the paths which brought us to our conclusions.

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